Doç. Dr. John S. MCCARTNEY

  • University Of California San Diego
  • Topic : Geothermal Energy Storage in Unsaturated Soils

Prof.Dr. Ahmet GÖKÇE

  • Cumhuriyet University
  • Topic : Mineral Resources Potential in Yozgat Province

Prof. Dr. Şükrü KOÇ

  • Ankara University
  • Topic : "Before from Underground Resources...." & Variation of trace and radioactive element in the oil shales.

Prof. Dr. Ali SARI

  • Ankara University
  • Topic : Source Rock Investigations of Sorgun (Yozgat) Field Bituminous Shale (Oily Rocks): Is it Producedamount Recoverable Oil and Gas From This Field?

Prof. Dr. Alper BABA

  • İzmir Institute Of Technology
  • Topic : Factors Affectıng the Qualıty of Groundwater Resources and its Effects in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Yener EYÜBOĞLU

  • Karadeniz Technical University
  • Topic : The Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic Magmatism and Related Mineralizations in Northeastern Turkey

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇELİK

  • Ankara University
  • Topic : Evaluation of Relation of Delice River and Aquifer Systems Based on Groundwater Quality in The Vicinity of Yerköy (Yozgat)

Prof. Dr. Gülcan BOZKAYA

  • Pamukkale University
  • Topic : Investigating the P-T-X Conditions of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow responsible for Au-Ag-Base-Metal Mineralization in the Biga Peninsula

Prof. Dr. Ömer BOZKAYA

  • Pamukkale University
  • Topic : Clay occurrences related to hydrothermal ore deposits: indicator for condition, origin and age

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kaan KADIOĞLU

  • Ankara University
  • Topic : Shallow Geothermal systems and their feasibility in Turkey

Doç. Dr. Fetullah ARIK

  • Selçuk University
  • Topic : Propection, the Role of the Geological Engineers in the Mine Prospecting and National Mining Policy."

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Yıldırım GÜNGÖR

  • İstanbul University
  • Topic : Sustainable Development in Geology

Dr. Abdurrahman MURAT

  • TKİ Genel Müdür Yardımcısı
  • Topic : From Past To Today Of Oil Shale As An Alternatife Raw Metarial For Energy Productıon And Potantıal Of Turkey


  • Afyon Jeotermal(AFJET) Genel Müdürü
  • Topic : Development and The Importance of Afyonkarahisar in GeothermalFuture

PhD Candidate Tuğçe BAŞER

  • University Of California San Diego
  • Topic : Underground Thermal Energy for Sustainable Development: Available Methods for Seasonal Solar Thermal Energy Storage

Serhan SÜZER

  • Topic : Solar Energy in Turkey